louol is a fashion brand with an aim to
make everybody smile. So, smile with louol!


Take a smile
with louol

Small Manufacturer
Export Business Plaza

Recruitment of specialized operating institutions related to export support; discover promising small businesses in and out of Namdaemun Market and expand opportunities for small business owners to enter overseas market.

Select small businesses in and out of Namdaemun Market with high potential for export growth and provide support for the entire process of overseas expansion, such as export preparation, marketing, follow-up management, etc.

  • Twisted Earrings

    Simple twisted design with a sparkling cubic stone.

    Rakuten JP
  • Pearl
    Drop Earrings

    Moderately long drop earrings
    with a sparkling pearl.

    Rakuten JP
  • Twisted

    A knot shaped twist attached to
    a silver chain.

    Rakuten JP
  • 2020-21
  • Namdaemun Market
    Jewerly Brand -
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